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  5. "Haq HaqwI' po'."

"Haq HaqwI' po'."

Translation:The skilled surgeon performed surgery.

March 30, 2018



Why is "performs" incorrect in this context?


What was your entire answer?

There are several accepted alternatives that include the word "performs".


Well it accepted "perform surgery" the next time. I guess I translated with to "perform a surgery" which it didn't like. I'm not an english native speaker, but several online dictionairs suggested the 'a' to be optional.


To me, "surgery" is uncountable, and I would only say "perform surgery". It's sort of the abstract "art" of a surgeon. A bit like how I might "create art", but if I draw a picture, I wouldn't say that I "have created an art".

However, some people seem to use "surgery" the way I would use "operation" and say not (only) "I had surgery" but "I had a surgery", in which case the indefinite article "a" would be possible.

I'll check the sentence and add an alternative with "a surgery" if it's not already there.


It is regional. "perform a surgery" sounds totally normal to me. I think it is probably an abbreviation of "a surgical procedure" or something similar and the word procedure is countable.

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