"Il fait froid parce qu'il neige."

Translation:It is cold because it is snowing.

March 30, 2018

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Correlation != causation


And why is it snowing? Because it is cold...


No, it snows because it's cold. Who writes these sentences?


Ce n'est vrais....Il neige parce qu'il fait froid.


The sentence doesn't make logical sense. Snow doesn't cause cold. Enough cold can cause precipitation to turn to snow.


Not commonly but it's perfectly plausible for snow to cause an already somewhat low temperature to drop even further. You may never have experienced it if you're living in a warm place or one where cold often precedes snow, but where I live we have it a handful of times a year. It's a nice day but then snow starts falling and it get's cold. That's because it's colder up where the clouds are and the melting takes the energy (warmth) from the ground/air) when it arrives down here.


Most of the time it wasn't truly cold before, but snow being the reason for a drop in temperature (it being cold) is entirely possible.

Imagine a nice autumn day, a few degrees above 0 (Celsius), not exactly warm but not overly cold, when suddenly it starts to snow (or snow-rain, which would be a bit more likely). The snow comes down and melts, but this takes energy and thus causes the temperature to drop. In this case, it'd be perfectly logical to say that the cold was caused by the snow.


Then shouldn't the sentence have been, "it is coldER because it is snowing?


Why parce qu'il neige and not just parce il neige? :O


| Because= parce que | Therefore, without the "que" , the sentence is completely altered


Snow causes warm, not cols

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