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  5. "We have large cats."

"We have large cats."

Translation:Nous avons de grands chats.

March 30, 2018



why is it "de" grands chats & not "des"


When ever an adjective comes before a noun, des changes to de.


Thanks for responding - very much appreciated


thanks !

do you happen to know what grammar notes teach us that? i have a feeling i probably forgot to read it :(


I actually put Nous avons grands chats. Then I immediately knew it was wrong, but I couldn't remember why. I guess that's a good thing though, even if I didn't remember, I knew it LOOKED WRONG, which is normally something I can only tell with English. Has anyone else had this happen to them yet?


Yes! It happened so many times. Whenever I'd type a sentence, knowing it isn't correct, and probably assuming what's incorrect (missing), I tend to memorise the solution(s) better!


I've been getting that we're i'll second guess myself and then find out that what I thought was right


How do you decide what comes first, the adjective or the verb? It seems either is okay in certain circumstances, but cant figure out the rule


I find this challenging too. My partner taught me the acronym BAGS to help remember which adjectives (ones describing "Beauty Age Goodness Size") need to come before the noun. Here's another Duolingo post that talks about it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5618/Placement-of-Adjectives Good luck!


Why is the 'de' needed at all here?


When you are talking about nouns and don't know the specific number in the context, you use "de/du/de la." For example, if you have a bowl of strawberries and don't want to count them (because why should you?), then you would say "je mange des fraises" instead of saying "je mange les fraises," as the latter suggests that you are eating all strawberries in general. I hope this was helpful


Judith Flynn: would have been helpful if the reason des was incorrect had been explained at some point. I’m finding the skill tests extremely frustrating: because of confusion about des, de , les and because the pronunciation is so odd compared with any other French courses I’ve had. gant and grand sound the same, for example, pomme and the English pyre.


This would refer to a large housecat, right? Or could it be a zoo saying that they have lions and tigers. "Big cats"


Why not les grands chats? our cats are specific, no?


No, because you don't own every single cat, you just own SOME. So you use de in this context.


How about "de gros chats" ?

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