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Folgen mit Dativ oder Akkusativ?

Hi, I was just doing a new story and have noticed that the verb "folgen" is once used with an accusative object (set 4, "der erste Auftrag", beginnig of the second part: folgt ihn) and then always with dative (verfolgen comes with accusative). As I know it should be "folgt ihm". But I thought maybe the both forms could be right! However in Duden.de are all the examples with dative. what do you think bzw. know about it? is just a mistake from Duo?

March 30, 2018



Seems like a mistake.


Always used it or seen it used with dative, too. I guess typing a -n instead of an -m is all too easy, but if you do the story again, you should report it in the end, when they ask you what could be better. Thanks for making everyone notice :)


Came here because 11 months later, this mistake is still present in the same story...

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