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Help needed please (with German)

(English speaker doing the reverse tree.)

Can someone please explain to me why the plural of 'months' in German is sometimes 'monate' and other times 'monaten'?

For example: - ich werde für drei Monate nach Italien gehen - meine Mutter wird in ungefähr zwei Monaten nach Kanada gehen

Thank you.

March 30, 2018



In the first sentence "drei Monate" is accusative, in the second "zwei Monaten" is dative.

A neuter noun would be "Ich werde für drei Jahre.... Meine Mutter wird in drei Jahren..."

Feminin nouns plural would be "Ich werde für drei Wochen... Meine Mutter wird in drei Wochen..." (so no difference here)


Great explanation, AHA3006. I have trouble with accusative/dative - so I shall focus on them until I understand case a lot better. Thank you for your answer.


Although I can't think of any examples of periods of time, gender doesn't really have anything to do with the dative -n plural ending. A lot of feminine words have -n ending (in all cases), but not all. For example:

Wir setzen uns auf die Bänke.

Wir sitzen auf den Bänken.

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