"Vous ne m'avez pas trouvée."

Translation:You did not find me.

March 22, 2013

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Why is you had not found me not acceptable?

Edit: I found it out! It's because that is the pluperfect and translates as vous ne m'aviez pas trouvé.

also, what do people not understand about 'stop the clutter'? You don't need to tell everyone you've reported something 100 times over.


So... if I am a male this sentence would be "Vous ne m'avez pas trouvé"?


That is correct. The past participle (trouvé) will agree with the direct object before the verb.

  • vous ne m'avez pas trouvé (the speaker is male)
  • vous ne m'avez pas trouvée (the speaker is female)

Note that from a written exercise, either "trouvé" or trouvée" is accepted. And since these are homophones, they are both accepted from an audio exercise as well.


Except that it is the female robot speaking. So we do have a context.


The gender of the recorded voice is not relevant on Duolingo. It is completely arbitrary whether you her a male voice or a female voice. It just reads the sentence--that's all.

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