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Stories: Au Camping - On dirait...

I don't know the best place to post questions about the stories so I'm trying this.

In this story, near the end, the person says "On dirait.. un livreur de pizza." and the translation for 'on dirait' is 'it looks like'.

Can someone explain how this works? I guess that it's just a phrase and trying to analyse the literal translation is pointless, but literally this means "one would say" right? The English expression "it looks like" is already quite informal (and not exactly a literal translation of the meaning) so is 'on dirait' just the equivalent?

If I was making tea and I opened the fridge to find there was no milk could I say "on dirait...il n'y a pas du lait" instead of just "il n'y a pas du lait".

Would this have roughly the same difference between me saying "there is no milk" (bare statement of fact) and "it looks like there's no milk" (slightly questioning, possibly less indicative of me being peeved about the situation)?

March 30, 2018


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"on dirait" is a french idom (idiomatic expression) http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/on%20dirait%20que


The literal translation of "on disait" is one would say. So the translation in Au Camping is adjusting the literal translation to what it means from French to English. Use it in a place where the literal translation would fit.


So did this story bring to mind a certain Allan Sherman song for anyone else? ;-)

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