"Ils s'habillent."

Translation:They are getting dressed.

March 30, 2018

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I had a type what you hear.Could thiis have also been 'Il s'habille' ?


I have added it to the list of homophones for the audio exercise (only). It may take a while for staff to act on it.


Still marked incorrect after two months. That's quite a while to implement a change.


The sound is not done in house.


Marked incorrect 18/09


why is "they dress up" incorrect?


The idea of "dress up" is applicable in the sense of "s'habiller en qqch", i.e, to dress up as (something). E.g., Pour le fĂȘte, il s'habille en cow-boy = For the party, he is dressing up as a cowboy. Otherwise, "s'habiller" is just "to dress" or "to get dressed".


I have the same question.


why is "they dress themselves" an incorrect translation??


No, the use of the pronominal verb in French is not applicable to the English translation which does not make reference to "self". I.e., "Ils s'habillent" = they are getting dressed (or) they get dressed. Please visit the link in my post above for more details.


Yes, "get dressed" and "are getting dressed" are specifically used about oneselves, but "dress" and "are dressing" are not limited to oneself, so I believe that "They dress themselves." could be a better alternative than "They dress." although it is a bit emphatic. Still, "They get dressed" or "They are getting dressed" are still the best ways to say it in English.


In each of the s'habiller exercises, the alternative "one dresses oneself" should also be correct.

Ils s'habillent = they dress themselves

Vous vous habillez = you dress yourselves

Je m'habille = I dress myself

and so on


Not really. In English, reflexive pronouns are only used for emphasis, i.e., there are no common references to "oneself" in most such sentences. Especially, references to self are never made when the action is one that occurs without assistance from another person. For clarity, the British Council says:

We do not use a reflexive pronoun after verbs which describe things people usually do for themselves, such as wash, shave, dress:

  • He washed [himself] in cold water.
  • He always shaved [himself] before going out in the evening.
  • Michael dressed [himself] and got ready for the party.



...confirming that 'They dress' should also be accepted.


It is accepted, but it is better as "they get dressed" or "they are getting dressed".


As of September 26, 2018, the singular is not accepted. And the "You should accept my answer" response is not an option.


You can use the I cannot listen now to get around this one. The sound files only accept one answer, so usually they get suspended when there is a homonym.


November 2018 and it's still being marked as incorrect when i wrote 'Il s'habille.' It is not possible to report it either - help!!!!


Scroll down and click on the help button below and scroll all the way down and report this as a bug that there is a homonym and they can suspend this particular exercise until they get it fixed.


still marked wrong in February 2019


What is still marked wrong? Scroll up as it might have been answered. If you are talking about the homonyms, the Exercises that you listen to are done out of house and will take a long time to fix.

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