"Il ne se dépêche jamais, il prend son temps."

Translation:He never hurries, he takes his time.

March 30, 2018

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Another French pronominal verb with an English reflexive verb equivalent.

"He never hurries himself, he takes his time."


The reflexive in English is almost never used and only to emphasize "himself". So it is really an emphatic form, rather than a reflexive form. You could try reporting it, but I really don't think it will pass for this verb.


How about: "He never rushes, he takes his time"?


It's accepted.


why not "hurries up"? means the same thing


“up” is unnecessary here. It is used in imperative form. “Hurry up! I’ve been waiting a long time.” It is a more emphatic form. If I am waiting with the person who just said that, I might say “He never hurries up.” I could then add the rest as a separate sentence. You could try reporting to see if Duolingo will add it or not. I personally find it a bit much in that long sentence.


I wrote the same answer and resorted to my dictionary after I got rejected. As the comment above says, hurry up is in most cases only used in imperative form. Sometimes Duo gives me pain as a non-native English speaker...


I'm surprised that the phrase "sb take his/her time" has exact equivalent (word by word) in French.


Should be a semicolon in the English sentence, Duo

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