"Chaque pays doit produire sa monnaie."

Translation:Each country has to produce its currency.

March 30, 2018

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This is a bit sticky I think, because in English there needs to be an antecedent for "its". Hence, it could be "The Euro will be used by all countries in the EU. Each country must produce its currency." Otherwise, the proper (but not literal) English translation would be: "Each country must produce its own currency."


What about the euro?


The only definition when you hover over "monnaie" is "change," which is not accepted as an answer. Would you be able to add the correct definition, "currency," as an option when one hovers over the word? Thx.


We're near the end of our course, so it's a good time to start relying more on external resources. Online French-English dictionaries are free and extremely convenient.

If you look up monnaie the first translation is "currency". The second translation is "change".

Also, other definitions, phrases, and examples are offered.

So your question is answered without reliance on Duo's rather shaky hints.



Can you add "Each country has to produce its money" as an alternative?


This is the third question in s row that is repeated from the level below in this topic. It seems to happen quite a lot that moving on to another level you find the same material repeated.

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