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"Les éléphants mangent les crêpes seuls."

Translation:The elephants eat the crêpes alone.

March 30, 2018



In this sentence is "seuls" modifying "les éléphants'' as in only the elephants are eating the crêpes or is ''seuls" modifying ''les crêpes"' as the elephants are eating only the crepes. I seem to remember something about "seul'' having different meanings when positioned before or after the adjective.

[deactivated user]

    I wondered the meaning of this sentence, too. Since l'éléphant is masculine, and the word they used was seuls, it is modifying les éléphants. ...Seules would be the word modifying les crépes (la crépe). But it is a strange sentence, to my American ears and American grammar.


    you used to accept pancakes for crêpes


    But pancakes are different from crepes :/

    [deactivated user]

      American pancakes are nothing like pancakes. :P

      British pancakes and French crêpes though? Same thing. Well, sort of. The French occasionally accuse of us massacring them.


      It lightens the load to make some of the sentences whimsical. Thank you for making learning fun, Duo creators!


      I was told to put an accent on crepes in ENGLISH!

      [deactivated user]

        If you check with the OED or Miriam Webster, you'll see that it's a valid English word even with the circumflex over the 'e'. They should definitely be accepting it with or without though.


        Why can't I use "seules"? Can't the elephants be female?


        No, the word elephant is masculine. I just looked it up, and you would say elephant femelle.


        "Only female elephants eat pancakes". Seemed like a valid translation to me...


        I'm not sure that these absurd scenarios are useful for learning. I mean, what's up with elephants eating crepes? Did that ever happen in the History of the World?


        I want to know just when do elephants eat crepes? Do they go out for breakfast on Sundays? Do they get them at the crepe stands in Paris when they take a stroll? Who comes up with these?

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