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"Il a mis la viande et les légumes dans deux plats différents."

Translation:He put the meat and vegetables in two different dishes.

March 30, 2018



I just wanted to say: I appreciate that Duolingo accepts "veggies" as a translation of légumes :)


Is this sarcasm? A request? Or a statement. I'm confused, "veggies" is not accepted (or just in mine), so maybe between the first two.


Veggies is accepted for everyone. Always give your full answer in the forums or report it so we can see. Otherwise, we can't help you.


he has put the meat and the vegetables ON two different dishes, why is that wrong?


"he put the meat and the vegetables on two different trays" is not accepted. should it be? before, "tray" was accepted as a valid translation


as translated into English it could be interpreted as "in two different food preparations (dishes). Closer meaning would be "on two different platters (or plates?)" ??


"He put the meat and vegetables into two different dishes" was not accepted as correct by DL, but my answer seems equivalent to the one DL accepted as correct.

Whaddaya think, cyber folk?


That sounds like he put them into into two different recipes or dishes (as in one was a Mexican dish and the other was a Danish dish).

"Onto two different dishes" makes sense though.


Is this about 2 different dishes as in crockery, or does it mean 2 different dishes as in Thai and Indian cuisines?


the tiles " mise, la, viande, dans, différents" are missing. Therefore impossible to complete the answer to this sentence!


the tiles il, est, and dans were missing. Impossible to answer this correctly


the tiles mis, la, dans, and différents are missing!

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