"J'aime le soleil."

Translation:I like the sun.

March 30, 2018



For an English translation of "J'aime le soleil", could one say, "I like sun" as in a general sense, thus omitting the article?

March 30, 2018


No, because French uses the indefinite and definite articles that English omits

August 21, 2018


They are inconsistent with translations of the article. I like fog is accepted but I like sun isn't. It seems to be guesswork whether it should be there or not, but generally both are acceptable in English with very slight nuances of meaning apparently not expressed in French which always uses it.

September 6, 2018


How does one say "Praise the sun"?

September 19, 2018


i think we would be more likely to say 'i like the sunshine'?

October 1, 2018


Okay, so that's three of us saying "sunshine". I don't know--maybe there's a separate word that better captures the sense of "sunshine" as distinct from "sun". But I'm pretty sure if I had to translate this for someone, I'd say I like sunshine, because "I like the sun" or "I like sun" both sound, well, unnatural.

October 2, 2018


In English, I like the Sun can mean two things. It can be short/sort of slang for I like sunshine. Or, more correctly, it means that you like the star that warms and lights, etc, our Planet. Hmm.

November 25, 2018


Like or Love. I always guess wrong. Please give me a clue

March 2, 2019


»I love the sun« should be accepted.

April 6, 2019
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