"We love little dogs."

Translation:Nous adorons les petits chiens.

March 30, 2018

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Why the determiner les instead of de/s here? There is no definite article in the English. Thank you!


When you speak about something in general ("I love little dogs", "Roses are red", etc), in English you omit the definite article but in French you have to use it (J'adore les petits chiens, les roses sont rouges).


I used des too and it is marked incorrect


here is a great thread that discusses use of verbs of appreciation including the use of les instead of des: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/552242/J-aime-le-fromage


I've learned that "aimer" means "like" if you're talking about things, and "love" if humans or animals. However, my answer "Nous aimons les petits chiens" was marked incorrect. Does it make the difference that you are talking about dogs in general here, and not some particular animal like your own pet? Or should "aimons" have been accepted? (I did report.)


I would have thought they would be interchangeable. I don't understand why it is marked wrong.


Can the English "love" be translated both to "aimer" and "adorer"?


I would think so. Are the words really that different or is it a computer programming thing?


Adore usually means love (mental).(like you love your girlfriend,or sister) And "Aimer" actually means like (at the household level you know, just like you like sandwiches, or chipses,or something else)


I blame Serge Gainsbourg.


There are lots of blog postings online about aimer vs adorer and how to use aimer to mean love or like - google aimer vs adorer or how to talk about love in French etc. This one has a pretty good overview: http://fasttrackfrench.com/all-about-love-in-french/ - adorer is addressed in the comments section.



Adorer is always translated as "love" in English.

Aimer on the other is not always translated as "love":

Aimer = love; in reference to people who are close to you such as your parents, spouse or child(ren).

Aimer bien = like; with a person who is not so close to you e.g. a friend

Aimer = like; in reference to places and things


My issue is when the placement of the noun and adjective. Most of the time I placed the adjective after the noun and was correct. Why is it different in this case. Why "petits chiens" instead of "chiens petits?"


it's one of tips & notes-(adjectives) - and which you can find by clicking on the light bulb in the panel where you start a lesson: some adjectives go before the noun. use the acronym "bangs" to know which ones- those that refer to beauty, age, number, good (or bad) and size.


here is the tips and notes for Adjectives 1 with the basic BANGS info: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Adjectives-1/tips-and-notes

tips and notes for Adjectives 2 has more info: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Adjectives-2/tips-and-notes


Why "les" is correct instead of "des"?


I think we use definite articles after verbs expressing feelings or emotions like love, adore, hate, etc. hence adorons LES petits ...


Why not 'nous aimons les petits chiens'???? It must be correct


"Aimer" is used to express love for people and pets, but I think pets only means animals that you have a personal relationship with. Sitesurf said in another discussion (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/552242/J-aime-le-fromage) "love + inanimate objects or concepts = adorer". So my thought is that "We love little dogs." is a concept/generality (ie we love all little dogs not just our little dogs) so we would use "adorer".


Didn't adjectives that go before plural nouns turn "les" into "le" and "des" into "de"?


???nous adorons des ??? petits chiens? why les ??


??? nous aimons bien les petits chiens??? Pourquoi,


"Aimer" and "adorer" is quite confusing. How do they differ actually. I had this idea that the latter means loving something or someone more passionately than you can express with "aimer".


See my comments above

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