"Un joli jardin ensoleillé est si agréable !"

Translation:A lovely and sunny garden is so pleasant!

March 30, 2018

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There's no 'and' in this sentence!


Yes, where is the and coming from?


Unless "agréable" is a false friend, agreeable should be acceptable


Why is "agreeable" rejected?

Per dictionary.com:




adjective: agreeable

1.. enjoyable and pleasurable; pleasant.

"a cheerful and agreeable companion"

synonyms: pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable, pleasurable, nice, to one's liking, appealing, charming, delightful

antonyms: unpleasant

Origin: Old French agreer / agreable --> agreeable (late Middle English)

Why force us to use "pleasant" when the most direct and accurate translation is simply the Engish spelling of "agréable"? Why make learning French vocabulary harder than it actually is?


We can certainly see that FR "agréable" resembles EN "agreeable" but that does not make it the best choice. It is quite appropriate in reference to a person, but in regard to a garden, "pleasant" surges to the top of the list. Context has a strong influence on word choice.


A garden can most certainly be agreeable, as can any venue with a favorable ambience. Rejecting the word is pure foolishness.


Henry David Thoreau, Walden:

The forest has never so good a setting, nor is so distinctly beautiful, as when seen from the middle of a small lake amid hills which rise from the water's edge; for the water in which it is reflected not only makes the best foreground in such a case, but, with its winding shore, the most natural and agreeable boundary to it.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Belfast:

The country surrounding Belfast is agreeable and picturesque, whether along the shores of the Lough or towards the girdle of hills to the west; and is well wooded and studded with country seats and villas.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Sucre, Bolivia:

Its elevation, 8839 ft., gives it an exceptionally agreeable climate.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Arboretum:

In this more general respect, an arboretum or woodland affords shelter, improves local climate, renovates bad soils, conceals objects unpleasing to the eye, heightens the effect of what is agreeable and graceful, and adds value, artistic and other, to the landscape.

I could go on for hours. Agreeable is a thoroughly appropriate translation of agréable in the DL sentence above. Sometimes DL is just wrong. The appropriate thing to do is acknowledge the error and move on.


Why devote so much energy into forcing this?

If George, so devoted to we learners of french, is telling us that the context elevates pleasant over agreeable as a definition, why not embrace a different way of thinking aka a french way of thinking?

Part of the philosophical benefit of learning a second language is diving into a new way of thinking. Come on in! The water is lovely!


Yes, I agree, delving into a new language/culture necesitates a huge shift in mindset. An open mind is essential. Things will never be as they were "back home".


Heads and walls come to mind here deep breaths and keep going it is after all a free app and very good overall


Why not: "A pretty, sunlit garden is so pleasant"


Joli is"pretty" for a skirt - why is it not acceptable for a garden!! Otherwise my translation was word for word the same. A pretty garden is quite acceptable in English conversation


A pretty sunny garden is so agreeable. What is the shortcoming of this translation? Is it too literal word for word ?

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