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Translation help please

Could someone please translate this for me: Que sais pour rire que c étai rien. When I try to it makes little sense to me: What knows for fun that it was nothing. Thanks in advance

March 30, 2018



I'm native speaker, and to me it looks like an incomplete and poorly typed sentence: "...que c'est pour rire, que c'était rien" (for many French speakers in France, especially among the youth, sais and c'est are homophones).

It would then mean "...that it is a joke (litteraly "it is for laughing"), that it was nothing [mean]"
The begining of the sentence is missing, this is only the end part.


Is "Que sais pour rire que c étai rien" a phonetic transcription of something that you heard? As it is written, it does not mean anything. If it is: "[il a dit] que c'est pour rire, que ce n'était rien.", then it means: "[he said] that it was to make a joke, that it was nothing." This is usually said when someone realizes that the other person was hurt by what was said or done.


It was a line of lyrics for the song je ne sais pas by Zazie This is the previous line as well: Quand il me dit que tout va bien Que sais pour rire que c étai rien It is possible that the person who posted the lyrics online heard the word wrong. So with the previous line it would mean: when he told me all was well, I knew that it was a joke, that it was nothing?

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