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"¿Manejas el carro negro o el rojo?"

Translation:Do you drive the black car or the red one?

March 30, 2018



The red instead of the red one is commonly used in English.


I wrote: are you driving a black or a red car. was rejected. reported


I agree the subject was already established to be a car.


Can this sentence also be "Are you driving.........?"


Note to any estudiantes de inglés doing the reverse tree: in this sentence, "the red one" sounds awkward to me, as a native American English speaker. Simply saying "the red" sounds much more natural.


CurtSmith, if you and I were having a conversation and you asked this question, I would be waiting for it to end with "one." So, perhaps people learning English should simply be aware it's something that may be regional or otherwise place-specific.


How would you say, "Did you drive the black car or the red one? I'm wondering about the "Did you..." part the most, not "Do you..."

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