"Pendant l'émission, l'animateur regardait l'écran."

Translation:During the show, the host was watching the screen.

March 30, 2018

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Watched is also good, no?

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2018-12-09: "during the program, the listeners watched the screen" was just rejected.

-20 minutes later: I just redid this exercise, and found that duo does not like "program" for "emission". Using "show" or "broadcast" can always pass, but "program" cannot.


So animateur is not the same as an animator in English? Because that's quite different from a host of a show.

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    "During the programme, the tv host was looking at the screen". Why is that wrong?


    Every time I hear this as an audio exercise I get it wrong, because it sounds like the voice is saying "regardait À l'écran". I can't work out why it should sound like this, is this just a fault in the audio?

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