Hello, I'm a beginner in Spanish and I have a silly question. Why there is no article before "animales" in "Los toros son animales"? "Los toros son los animales" would be wrong? I hope that You'll be lenient for me :d Thanks!

March 30, 2018


Los toros son animales = Bulls are animals.
English does not translate the "Los" in front of "toros" because we don't use the article when we are talking about something "in general." Here we mean "all bulls in general," so we don't say "The."

Spanish, however, does need the article (Los) because "toros" is the subject of the sentence. Spanish almost always uses the article with a general noun when it is the subject of the sentence.
"Animales" is not the subject of the sentence, so it will generally not need the article in sentences like this.

I don't know if your suggestion would be grammatically wrong, because there may be some people in some countries who say it that way, so it may be accepted, or there may be some big exceptions to what I have said. Perhaps a native speaker of Spanish will help you there. But usually it is not correct for DĂșo.

It's like in English. You would not say the steers are "the" animals.

As in all languages, it really depends on the context.

Thanks for Your answers :D

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