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  5. "Un homme vend ses livres."

"Un homme vend ses livres."

Translation:A man is selling his books.

March 30, 2018



"A man is selling her books.", should also be accepted.


That should be accepted and you should report it.


her is for females. not a man


"1 man sells his books" should be accepted but it's not. also I don't think many of us are getting notifications when people reply to us.


I entered "ces livres" and it was marked correct. But the translation given was "his books," which should be "ses livres." Am I missing something?


Sometimes it sees a spell check and corrects you, but still marks it right, but it indicates your mistake. Did it do this?


"ces" and "ses" sound exactly the same in French and since the idea of the sentence makes sense, it cannot be marked incorrect. You have the same thing with some singular sentences which sound the same as the plural. Example: "Il parle fran├žais." = He speaks French and "Ils parlent fran├žais." =They speak French, both sound exactly the same in French so if you translate "He" when Duo means "They" , Duo simply accepts it without comment.


"Un homme vend ces livres." Why am I wrong?. NB. Typed from the listening to the loudspeaker.


I also have a similar question - un homme vend ce livre - is it wrong?


My microphone is not picking up my voice. How do I turn it on?

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