"En hiver, tu portes un pyjama plus chaud."

Translation:In winter, you wear warmer pajamas.

March 30, 2018

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"a pair of pyjamas" should be accepted in the same way as "a pair of pants"


I totally agree - especially since the indefinite article "un" is used which means "a" and "a pyjama" is nonsensical in English.


I realize "In winter" is a more direct translation, but I feel "During the winter" should be accepted as this is much more commonly used in speech.


Given how literal many of DL's translations are, I can see that they would limit "During the winter" to Ā«Pendant l'hiverĀ».

In many respects, DL teaches translation not self-expression. I am not suggesting that is bad (or good). It's just my take on their process. The exercises aren't about how you or I would formulate a thought; it is about how an experienced translator would re-write a French sentence into English (or visa versa).

For me, it helps to look at their methodology thru this lens. Everyone's mileage will vary.


Quite right. Duolingo is about translating sentences, not thoughts.


I agree with 'a pair of'.


Now DL is not accepting the British spelling of pyjamas, only the US pajamas.


"a pajama" and/or "a pyjama" are both perfectly correct in English. Of course, I wear a warm pyjama in the winter and a lighter one on the summer.


I have never heard this. It is like a jean, a pant, a scissor, or a trouser.


A pair of pajamas in English is a singular noun 'pyjama' in French.


This was new to me as well since a french as well as a german "pyjama" describes a specific combination of clothes, like a costume, or a suit. And it would make perfect sense to have a singular. but oh well...


The answer is correct?? I think "In winter, you wear a warmer pajama." not plural form, i guess...


What is a pajama?


Mmm, am I a weird one? I always use PJ when writing, and I assumed a lot of other people did too.

Anyway, it is an acceptable way to say pajamas, so why not accept it as well? (PJs, specifically).

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