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Oral Speaking Test???

Does anyone know if there is an oral speaking test for Spanish? I know I can read simple Spanish but I'm not sure if I can speak it or hold a conversation. Any help is welcome! Thanks!!

5 months ago



Hello Emily

what you are looking for you can not find it here,this application is good for grammar,for a conversation you need some other application like whatsapp,and someone who understands you and who wants to listen to you.I speak Spanish very well, and I am learning English.I think we could learn from each other.

5 months ago


Not on Duolingo, but I'm sure you could find some kind of tool online.

5 months ago


A true Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) takes time (at least half an hour) and is something done by a professional. You can find something easy and free on the net, but if you really want to find out something, be prepared to pay ...

5 months ago