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Cannot see level 13 in German

I got an email saying "Today’s goal: Reach level 13 in German - You're only 320 away" but when I go to my German language account, I see a happy owl at the bottom that says "You've conquered the German skill tree!" (even though it also says I'm 65% proficient in German...)

It ends there and I do not see a way to continue to any further learning levels. Anyone knows how to troubleshoot this?

March 30, 2018



you get xp from strengthening skills, so in order to reach level 13 you just gotta keep practicing the skills you've already learned. it might seem repetitive but it's a good way of making sure you don't just give up as soon as you get to the end of the tree.


As TimmohB says, you have a lot of practice to do on what you've already covered to raise your level to 13 and upward to 25. For example, I got the gold owl in German at day 100. It is now 2 + years later and I just reached level 25 YESTERDAY! I started the reverse English/German tree some time back and got the gold owl for that TODAY at level 14. The gold owl is nice but it is a long ways from having everything actually learned. Practice/repeat/practice <g>.

[deactivated user]

    Levels = Amount of XP gained. You can finish your course well before reaching level 25, which is the max level.

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