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Having hard time learning new words in Japanese.

Compared to other languages on Duolingo, I'm having a harder time learning Japanese because it's significantly hard to learn new vocabulary. This may be because the method Duolingo uses to teach the pronunciation of the various writing systems of Japanese is the same system that Duolingo uses to enforce new vocabulary. Or, at least uses the same code.

Because I'm pretty sure Duolingo can't uses the same system to achieve two different tasks in this case, I would like some tips to help enforce the new vocabulary I learn. Maybe recommend a flashcard set on tinycards if one exists?

Thanks for reading.

March 30, 2018



There's a flashcard set called "Duolingo Japanese Course" that covers most of the vocabulary on Tiny Cards. You might also want to check out the flashcard set "Japanese must learn!" which offers many common verbs/nouns that you will want to know eventually.

If you use Anki, you can make your own or ask around to see if anyone already has made one.

I've also heard good things about the app Memrise, but I haven't checked it out yet, myself

I highly recommend using other Japanese learning resources beyond Duolingo. This course is still in a pretty early phase of development and there are many gaps that a new learner will struggle with if it is your primary source for Japanese. It works best as a study tool for drilling/testing your memory, with the majority of your initial study coming from a more complete resource.


Hello !

For japanese, I would recommend to regularly write words on paper, when you learn vocabulary (with or without the help of lists or flashcards).

Muscle (fingers) memory is a huge help, especially when it comes to learning kanji, and you'll need it anyway to be able to write properly without a computer. It also helps to recognize more easily how kanji are assembled when you write them down manually, which in return makes it easier to scan them visually when you read.

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