"Après que j'ai bien lu, Papa m'a donné un bonbon."

Translation:After I read well, Dad gave me a sweet.

March 30, 2018



Papa instead of Dad is not accepted. But English speakers call their dad papa too!

March 30, 2018


Yep! I input "after i read well, papa gave me a candy" expecting it to be just fine. I treat Papa like a name (Like Anne or Julien).

April 2, 2018


I agree. I think papa is an accepted name for dad even if a bit old fashioned.

November 5, 2018


this is a minor point, but sometimes DL accepts "bonbon," and sometimes it rejects it and requires "candy" or "sweet." Any idea why?

July 1, 2018


How do we know when to use donnée vs donné?

July 2, 2018


With the auxiliary verb "avoir" the past participle (in this case "donné") agrees with the direct complement if it is BEFORE the verb. Papa m'a donné un bonbon. Le bonbon que papa m'a donné. Papa m'a donné une sucette. La sucette que papa m'a donnée. (sucette=lollipop)

July 2, 2018


I see that "Papa" "French) and "Dad" (English) are both given uppercase initial letters. Is this correct in French? And is this correct in English? (I would say no, it is not a proper noun but I could be wrong.)

October 13, 2018


I tried "Pop" it was rejected. Dad, Papa, Pop, Pops are all pretty much the same in US English. While not a proper noun, it is often capitalized when it stands for a specific proper name and as a sign of respect. Mom also.

January 14, 2019


Papa should be accepted.

March 4, 2019
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