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Do you prefer French 'movies' or 'tv series" to learn?

One of my favorites way to dabble in a foreign language is to watch movies, but recently I have been noticing my attention span is decreasing. I decided that why not try TV series since they are from 25- 40 minutes long.

TV series have two main benefits:

  1. Short Duration Easier to fit into your schedule
  2. Longer Running Time Able to follow plot lines and characters over a longer period of time.

TV series are easier to fit into your schedule than movies. Also watching a movie in a foreign language can take a lot of focus where as watching an episode here and there is more sustainable.


March 30, 2018



Try Netflix as they are showing a lot more European made TV series these days


Anything you would recommend? I've tried watching some American shows dubbed in French, but the dubbing is pretty distracting.


Hi, I have watched several original language series, so the subtitles are in English, rather than English language films dubbed. Marseilles with Gerard Depardieu has been a good one over two seasons. The pace of the dialogue was just right to refresh my listening skills. I agree with elizadeux too that the TV series allows you to adjust to the characters and the accents over a longer period. Good luck!


Merci beaucoup! Je vais le regarder!


Generally, I find that tv series are better for learning. You tend to see the same vocabulary over and over again. You get used to the accents.


Have you found a good way to stream movies or tv shows to the US.


Un village français is a masterpeice about life during WWII in France, Engrenage (Spiral) is a good police detective show, and il était une fois is a cartoon that will teach you beaucoup about the world. I have found it convenient to watch an episode or two everyday of a show that I enjoy as opposed to the inconvenience of searching for new and interesting movies.


do you have to suggest some good series?

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