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Klingon - Is there an easy way to log typos so they can be fixed?

I just started learning Klingon. I am so very happy and grateful to all that worked on this project. Thank you so much.

It is very unfortunate that there is no audio to help with pronunciation. But I understand that may come later if the course proves popular enough.

What is driving me crazy are all the little errors. Mostly in capitalization of words. In the "Tips and notes" section of the very first lesson, "Useful phrases", it is carefully pointed out that capitalization matters.

Note that case matters: some letters are always lowercase (even at the beginning of a sentence!), the others are always uppercase.

Yet right at the very top, under the Lesson heading, where the words to be covered in the lesson are listed, the words have all been made completely in lower case. So, the word "nuqneH" is incorrectly written as "nugneh". There are too many to list here.

See the screenshot. I was sure this was an oversight or a glitch, but it has continued with every lesson I have done so far so far (not many, yet).

I tried to find a place where these typos could be easily logged. It doesn't seem appropriate to put them in a "Bug Report" or under "Troubleshooting". They don't appear to be actual programming errors. (Although I guess they could be.) Plus I do not want to make tens of bug reports just for typos. I just want to be able to list the typos, where I found them, and yes, a screen shot is useful too.

Is there such a place, person, email for this? Can someone please direct me there?

Thanks, Junia_D

"Basic phrases - words"

March 30, 2018



"Programming errors" is probably the best description.

In a number of places, Duolingo forces a given capitalisation on things (e.g. mandatory lowercase as in the lesson preview, mandatory uppercase on the first letter of words in multiple-choice exercises as well as on the first letter of replacement words in distractor sentences if they replace a capitalised word in a real sentence) that are not appropriate for Klingon.

That Duo's treatment of case in Klingon is problematic is already a known problem and developers have it on their list of issues. I don't know when these various problems will be fixed.

So for now: please don't report (systematic) issues with capitalisation, nor about missing sound or missing hints on words that start with apostrophes.

If those things bother you, I recommend that you wait until they get fixed -- I don't know when that will be, though.

Otherwise, please bear with these problems patiently and try to learn anyway :)



Thanks for letting me know that these issues are already known about. I had seen discussions about single-quotes and the forced capitalization of the first words in a sentence, but hadn't seen a mention about the lesson preview words.

I will look forward to seeing fixes come. It easier to live with these knowing that people are working on it and eventually they will be fixed.

I will definitely keep up on learning Klingon.

Thanks again for your response.



Thank you so much for the course. I am enjoying it prodigiously. I was wondering if it will ever be available through the phone app?


Probably when we graduate from beta.


Yeah, I notice that now.

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