"La boisson est du café."

Translation:The drink is coffee.

March 30, 2018

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i do not understand why we type (du). and i think this phrase is a nonsens


In front of any uncountable noun (food, drinks but also love, money, etc.) the meaning of "some" (an undefined quantity of a mass thing) is rendered in French by a partitive article.

There are 3 of them:

  • du (de+le) in front of a masculine noun starting with a consonant sound = du vin, du temps (time), du vent (wind)
  • de la in front of a feminine noun starting with a consonant sound = de la bière, de la chance (luck), de la force (strength)
  • de l' in front of any noun starting with a vowel sound = de l'eau (feminine), de l'argent (masculine).

So, partitive articles are formed with the preposition "de" + a definite article.


thank you, great explanation


Agreed. The sudden introduction of du is confusing


We drink (of) the coffee


the word boisson sounds like it would be masculine, like poisson, but it's feminine, go figure ! :)


This phrases confuses me. If I were to ask what is this drink what would the reply be? Café or du café


Is there any difference in pronunciation between "est" and "et"? Usually "est" sounds something like a short "e" to me and "et" more like a long "a"... but not always... as in this case.


There actually is a difference. Technically "est" should rhyme with ê (like the "ai" sound in the English word "air") while "et" should rhyme with é (like the "ai" sound in the English word "aid"). Often though the difference isn't exaggerated by native French speakers so it may be difficult for non-native speakers to tell.


They sound exactly the same. That's French for ya!


The drink is (some) coffee!!! Literal translation changes the meaning.


My sound is not so great. Having abandoned croissant for boisson, on sixth hearing, I then wrote 'et du café'. Is there anything to say this could not be the drink and the coffee. You might say this as a short form of 'the alcoholic drink and the coffee'. Is it grammatically viable, both ways, please.


... and if you don't like it, the door's over there!


Why is boisson drink instead of bois or boit

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