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Is this correct?

Is this sentence correct please?

'Il existe aussi des applications...' More specifically the 'il existe' element. Thank you :)

March 30, 2018


[deactivated user]

    The sentence might be correct grammatically but it's kinda clunky. In English you wouldn't say "It exists also the applications." You would say "The applications also exist." Even still, do you need to use the word exist? It would be better to say "There are also applications."

    So unless I am missing the context you're looking for,
    Il y a des applications aussi.
    Des applications existent aussi.

    If I had to guess...


    I'm a French major in college so I am constantly looking/talking/speaking French and I agree. It is correct grammatically but it is clunky and in general an odd phrase.

    "Il y a des applications aussi." sounds the best.

    I checked with my French friend and he agrees. Saying that applications also exist just sounds weird. That implies that there are applications that don't exist.

    However, if you are just making sure that you conjugated the verb exister correctly then yes, "il existe" is correct.


    Thank you for your help :) Are there any alternatives to 'il y a' that you could recommend please? I'm doing a French A Level and I find that it's overused in my work

    Could you use 'on trouve' or 'il existe' in certain contexts for a similar effect?


    It just depends on what you are trying to say. If you are just trying to say, "There are also applications." then "Il y a" works the best.

    If the applications have already been mentioned previously in the conversation then you could say, "Elles sont ici" or "Elles sont difficiles." I wouldn't suggest using "Il existe" in this context. "exister" is too extreme for such a petty situation.

    You could say, "On trouve qu'il y a aussi des applications" or "On peut aussi trouver des applications."

    And no problem ^^ Good luck with your studies!

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