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Need some French podcasts

I've been studying French for years now and I understand French to a pretty native-like level, but I'm out of content to listen to (other than Par Jupiter, which I really recommend)

Does anyone know some French podcasts? I could only find basic podcasts that are intended for beginners when I Googled or searched on Youtube. So if anyone knows raw podcasts intended for French natives, feel free to leave them down below.

March 30, 2018



RFI makes daily french podcasts on the news. they even have a series called "le journal en français façile" where it's regular news, but they speak a tad bit slower and simpler. they have new episodes every day, with the simpler ones lasting 10 minutes and the regular ones lasting about a half an hour i believe. you can listen to them on the podcast app (for iphones) or their app.


they also have a website (https://savoirs.rfi.fr/fr) that has all kinds of listening and reading exercises, along with articles. i love using it because the content is diverse and covers many topics, allowing you to deepen your vocabulary in varying subjects.


Thanks, this will make for a nice addition to my listening.


FrenchPod101 is one I find extremely helpful.


Sorry, mate. I said I wanted real French podcasts, intended for native speakers.


Two main radios in France : rtl and Europe 1 . You can try "au coeur de l'Histoire" de Franck Ferrand on Europe1 : http://www.europe1.fr/emissions/au-coeur-de-l-histoire : not for a beginner but the presenter speak a good french and doesn't speak too fast in my opinion.

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