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  5. "This rat can cook."

"This rat can cook."

Translation:Ce rat peut faire la cuisine.

March 30, 2018



Tout le monde peut cuisiner!


Could someone expand on when/why one would use "faire la cuisine" instead of "cuisiner"? From what I've read it seems that it's dictated by if a noun follows the verb (w/n: cuisiner, w/o n: faire la cuisine)?


Yes, cuisinier can always replace faire la cuisine, but faire la cuisine cannot always replace cuisinier.

Faire la cuisine is focused on the action of cooking itself, and thus is never followed by any nouns.


So cuisinier should be accepted in this translation? I'll report it.


So... "Ce rat peut cuisinier" isn't accepted as of 15 December 2018. Can someone explain why it's marked wrong.

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