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"Il y a de petites chaussettes."

Translation:There are small socks.

March 30, 2018



why is it de and not des?

[deactivated user]

    When an adjective is placed before a plural noun, des becomes de. So...

    * des chaussettes
    ~ becomes ~
    * de petites chaussettes

    The grammar notes associated with Plurals 2 go into this: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Plurals-2/tips-and-notes


    It sounds the same in the singular than the plural. How could you recognize each one?

    [deactivated user]

      I have the same question. If it were singular would the sentence be, "C'est un petite chaussette"? I'd thought I'd been corrected for doing this previously, that I was supposed to use "il y a" whether singular or plural. I cannot find my answer in the Tips and Notes prior to this lesson. Thanks for your help.


      In the singular, the sentence would be "Il y a de petite chaussette" meaning there is a small sock. "C'est une petite chaussette" means it's a little sock. Remember "chaussette" is a female noun. :)

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks for differentiating (sorry about the typo). So that brings me back to Laura's question: how do we know it's plural when we are listening, only? They both begin with "il y a de" and "petite chaussette" sounds just like "petites chaussettes." It irks me to be marked wrong if there is no difference in pronunciations; but I'll accept it if it's just MY ears which cannot hear the difference. I don't think the "s" is pronounced in either word, and there's no verb, no pronoun to clue me in. Help, please! Thank you.


        I've found the answer :) When an adjective is placed before a plural noun, des becomes de, therefore de = des which is used only with the plural. The sentence in the singular would be "Il y a une petite chaussette" :) https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Plurals-2/tips-and-notes

        [deactivated user]

          Oh, my! I knew that, but for some reason it wasn't clicking in this sentence. Thank you so much, Laura! De without -s or la/le HAS to be for plural. So simple! Merci; merci beaucoups!!!


          "Il y UNE", not "il y a de" for singular nouns. :)


          Yhat is what i wrote and it was wrong


          That doesn't sound right to me, although I could be wrong. For a single item like a sock, you'd say il y a une petite chaussette. il y a de petite chaussette doesn't make any sense - it means "There is (some) small sock". So, when you're talking about countable items like socks, you know that de [adjective] [noun] is plural, because it doesn't work with singular nouns.

          In the singular, de would only be used to things of mass quantity or uncountable nouns.


          I agree! I listened several times and co


          Why is it de and not du?


          It wouldn't be du anyway, because that's short for de le, which is singular, and chaussettes is plural, so you'd need de les = des - except when the adjective comes before the noun, you drop the article, and it becomes de no matter the gender or number of the noun.


          I am unable to differentiate singular vs plural listening to the audio. How can you know which is intended?


          i am sorry for the bad word


          I think because adjective before noun needs "de."


          "Du" I think is for masculine noun.


          Masculine singular, which are not preceded by an adjective.


          Why wouldn't this be: There are some small socks.


          It should be allowed. I reported it today.


          There are some small socks.


          Some meanings of "Il y a" are "there is" or "there are". Just suddenly notice and curious why it has "is or are"


          "There are tiny socks," is wrong?

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