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The confusing "zu"

What is the point of adding "zu" to the end of this sentence: (Die Eltern hören "zu".) I mean is there a difference between those two sentences : -(Die Eltern hören zu.) and (Die Eltern hören.)

March 30, 2018



sounds like a separable verb to me - zuhören. That changes to "ich höre zu, du hörst zu,... sie hören zu" There is a difference between to hear - hören and listen to - zuhören.


Emm, So (Die Eltern hören zu) = (The parents listen) and (Die Eltern hören.) = (The parents hear) ??

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جيد جدا. So here is a Lingot


You could think of the relationship between hören and zuhören like "to hear" and "to hear from = to listen".


I ran into another confusing "zu" :"D in this sentence (Die Katze sieht dem Fisch zu.) I think that the difference between (Die Katze sieht dem Fisch zu.) and (Die Katze sieht dem Fisch.) is that : (Die Katze sieht dem Fisch zu.) = (The cat watches the fish ) and (Die Katze sieht dem Fisch.) = (The cat sees the fish.) Am I right ?


Almost correct. It must read "die Katze sieht den Fisch"


Oh indeed.In the first case it was "dem" because it was a dative case because of the dative preposition "zu". But in the second case it was "den" because it was an accusative case because there are no dative prepositions.

Thank you a lot for your helpful comments :")

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