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  5. "The little dogs are eating."

"The little dogs are eating."

Translation:Les petites chiennes mangent.

March 30, 2018



Why is this feminine? I don't understand why it is not "Les petits chiens mangent."


Chien: male Chienne: female


the sentence can be masculine "les petits chiens mangent" the size has to match the noun. Petit with chien petite with chienne


Because 'petites' is the feminine, 'petits' is the masculine


That's what I was wondering about


This is a bad example! The musculin should be accepted as correct as well. Either that or change the english sentence we need to translate


You can use the masculine noun, just the adjective must agree. "Petit" is masculine and must be used with "Chien" the masculine form of dog. "Petite" is feminine and must be used with "Chienne". Duolingo will accept either form, as long as they correlate. A general rule is that e after the end of an adjective is feminine, whil if there is no e at the end, masculine.


There's no way to figure out whether the dog is masculine, or feminine in this sentence.


Are there no male dogs in France?! I agree with Loren20802's question.


Duo Lingo , no one uses 'chiennes' apparently !


Im confused. Does the adjective come after the noun or before it? I've seen both ways being used on duolingo, but what is the rule?


Sometimes the adjective comes before the noun. Look up the b.a.g.s rule


There's a fun acronym known as "BAGS" Adjectives describing these will come before the noun.
B: an adjective describing Beauty A: an adjective describing Age G: an adjective describing Goodness S: an adective describing Size


I agree with Lauren. That's what I was wondering about. Also Duolingo I find it very embarrassing sometimes that I can't delete my posts. Like right now, I thought my post was gonna go right under Lorens and it would make sense but it didn't and now I don't know how to delete it.

Either you need to fix this ASAP or I'm a huge noob who doesn't know how to delete a post or use their phone.


Can someone from Duolingo please answer Loren's question. That is my question as well and as yet, there have been no clarification. Why is "Les petits chiens mangent" not correct as well?


Is it as a rule that the adjective will always go in front of the noun?


You need to correct this please!!!! It should be masculine!


I'm with you Alisha874494, sometime it comes before and sometimes after. The majority of the time placing it after seems to be correct. This time it is before. Is there another way besides guessing of the placement of the adjective?


Usually it comes after. The exception is known as B.A.N.G.S. (beauty, age, number, goodness, size). If the adjective falls into one these categories, it goes before the noun.


Uhh, isn't this sentence a little inappropriate? I thought that chienne almost never refers to actual dogs unless you're talking about breeding or something, just like in English


You are correct. It is vulgar.


Google translates this as 'the little bitches are eating'. Sounds like that's not being addressed to dogs!


How to discriminate between 'petites' and 'petits' for dogs??


I do not understand why the masculine plural noun "chiens" is not accepted, given the fact that "dog" can either be feminine or masculine in English.

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