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"The gardener is wearing thick boots."

Translation:Le jardinier porte des bottes épaisses.

March 30, 2018



Why is "La jardinière" wrong?


I don't understand why when you hover over the word "thick," Duolingo lists "gros" as an option in additions to épaisses. But the correct answer is épaisses. I was marked wrong using gros. Then why list gros as an alternative???


How can I know when it's "de" or "des"?


The answer "Le jardinier porte de grosses bottes." is not accepted While "Le jardinier a de grosses bottes." is accepted

How can "avoir" be used instead of "porter"?


"Avoir" can be used relative to clothing items in the sense of "to have on". Elle a des gants noirs = she has on black gloves. In this way, it may also be understood as "wear", i.e., she is wearing black gloves (also, elle porte des gants noirs).

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