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"She drinks after he has eaten."

Translation:Elle boit après qu'il a mangé.

March 30, 2018



Continue to have trouble with this: why qu’il vs. il a mangé ? Merci !


Because french doesn't drop the relative pronoun 'que' like English. So 'after' translates as 'après que'


I'd like to know this to. What's the qu' for in this sentence?


Any answers out there would be much appreciated.


Why is "que" necessary in this sense? Couldn't you just remove the " qu' "?


I'm also in the dark about why to use qu'il instead of il


Copied from another question's discussion, from nicolas_ashley -

here is an explanation of when to use après and après que

après + noun / pronoun

après + verb in the past infinitive (past infinitive indicates an action that occurred before the action of the main verb, but only when the subject of both verbs is the same)

après que + a clause with a conjugated verb


Il part après son repas - He leaves after his meal

Il part après qu'elle a mangé - he leaves after she has eaten

Il part après avoir mangé. - He leaves after eating

C’est bon de boire une bière après le ski. - It is good to drink a beer after skiing

Après avoir marché pendant une heure, j'étais perdu - After walking for an hour I was lost

Je dois commencer après qu'il part. - I must start after he leaves.

Je dois commencer après son départ - I must start after his departure.

Deux ans après que je suis parti - Two years after I left

Après cela il a marché - After that it worked

Après que je l'ai frappé, il a marché - After I hit it, it worked

Je pensais qu'ils en avaient après toi - I thought they were after you


thank you for your time and effort on the discussion forum you are a gem.


Duo, would it be possible to add the French "que" into the English question that we can translate it correctly? or is it just a term you need to learn:: she drinks after eating....so the " il " is not "he" but "it...."

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