"He affirms so."

Translation:Il affirme que oui.

March 31, 2018

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    Why is "Il l'affirme" wrong?


    Why is 'que oui' used in the translation?


    I think it translates literally to "He affirms that yes", which in proper English means "He affirms so", correct? I'm brazilian by the way.


    il affirme ca marked wrong too... Duo insists that we learn que oui for donc and ca and everything else.


    Krista, in which skill did the given sentence appear?


    Ripcurlgirl thank you for replying... I am ploughing thrugh the tree and do a number of items each day, but I think this particular exercise is in "present 2" level 4 or present 3 level one.... there is another item that appears to worry a lot of participants it is the exercise where Duo asks for the wrong translation... the sentence translation needs to be I know the girls well, but it is wronged by duo, and duo requires the answer I know good girls for je connais les filles bien


    I'll see if I can find it but, if you come across it again, try Il donc affirmes - it is probably wrong but I would be interested to see if it is accepted.

    As for "Je connais des filles bien" the translation is indeed "I know good girls" - bien is an adjective here not an adverb.


    Thank you ripcurlgirl. it is the word order here that makes "bien" the adverb'If it was an adjective it needed to be je connais des biennes filles.... or bonnes filles . bien is used in: le bien public, or le biens immobiliers... There it is clearly an adjective.......but bien becomes an adverb in a different sentence position... prendre la chose bien.. here bien is an adverb

    yet different in meaning again when used as an adjective... une bienne chose or can you say une bien chose? I know that bien can become an adjective... but here in this sentence, if it was ad adjective and not an adverb, then bien would be connected to the noun in gender and plural?... if it was used as an adjective... how would one distinguish between I know good girls and I know girls well... very different meaning what would be the translation of: I know the girls well?


    Adverbs follow the verb in French so it would need to be "Je connais bien des filles" to render the translation of bien to well not good.


    Ripcurlgirl, you have been the only one who could give me a convincing answer . and I have done quite some research on this topic. you are fantastic and thank you heaps.

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    What abour "Il affirme ├ža"?? Was marked wrong but wondering if that could be a possibility of "he confirms that"


    Nobody ever says this particular English sentence. Perhaps someone might say He affirms that it is so.


    il affirme donc... not acceptable? any reason why?

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