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Plurals in German

[deactivated user]

    Up till Places 1, the plurals would end with -en but Das Restaurant becomes Die Restaurants. I don't understand why he plural ends in -s when before it was -en.

    March 31, 2018



    You have 8 different forms of forming the plural in German. Indeed most of all words ending with an “e” have their plural by adding an “n”. But Plural by adding an “s” is the right form for many other words. I would not try to learn grammatical rules on this topic because there are to many exeptions. Just learn every substantive with its article and its plural. E.g. der Mann, die Männer. Or der Tiger, die Tiger. It is much easier to learn the sound of the language than learning complicated rules in this special case of plural. The brain is able to understand structures also by implicit learning without explicit rules.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the advice, I’l apply it to my learning

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      Gute Idee. That is usually what prompts me to add the umlaut + whatever - because I hear the word in my head.


      More than one plural forms in German. More than two, too. By the by, restaurant is a loanword. That is why its plural ends in -s as in French and English.

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you for the clarification


        have you ever read the 'tips and notes' section of 'plurals'? You can find these helpful hints in the PC version only


        In addition there are nouns that don't change at all in the plural: das Messer, die Messer and der Koffer, die Koffer.

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        Than these are the words that I don't add an umlaut because the sound of the word doesn't change. Ein anderes Beispiel: das (die) Teller.

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