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Glitch: Words skipped in lesson, show up in review


In People 1, Lesson 2, Erwachsene and Bürger are listed, but when I went through the lesson they never appeared. However, the next time I did a practice, both of these words showed up. I redid the lesson and got the exact same examples again, still no Erwachsene or Bürger.

It doesn't make a huge difference to me, but I felt like I should report it.


March 31, 2018



They have more words to introduce than they have spaces in the lessons, so they show up when you do the lessons again.


That makes sense! But, I have repeated the lesson a couple times (I just did it again to check) and they still haven't shown up, so I thought I would try to report it.


I saw that in in both Spanish courses, too, and considered it another opportunity to expand my vocabulary.

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