"He doesn't know. He just has a hunch."

Translation:Il ne sait pas. Il a seulement une intuition.

March 31, 2018



why is "il ne sait pas. il n'a que de l'intuition" wrong? merci d'avance!!

March 31, 2018


If you feel it should be accepted then report it. I advise everyone who has the new tree to read this post:


April 1, 2018


Already did, but I'd like to know why it is wrong if it is!

April 3, 2018


Yes, I'd like to know too as that is what I wrote and was rejected. Merci.

April 1, 2018


So, from what I can tell, there are two 'intuitions' in French. One of them being (like in this example) a "hunch" or "feeling" that you have without proof.

The other being the TRAIT or ABILITY of intuition. i.e. My intuition tells me that it will rain tomorrow.

Take these two sentences: "J'ai une intuition qu'il va pleuvoir demain." (I think it works with a definite article too) as opposed to - "Mon intuition me dit qu'il va pleuvoir demain."

Both pretty much mean the same thing. The most obvious way to distinguish them is of course their gender. Can anyone confirm this? :D

April 3, 2019


I miss words in the sentences. In this sentence te word "pas".

April 11, 2019
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