"J'ai vu que, même malade, elle garde sa dignité."

Translation:I saw that, even ill, she keeps her dignity.

March 31, 2018

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The word "sick" should be an acceptable alternative to "ill".


Someone please tell me the difference between I've seen and i saw


In this sentence, not much.

"I saw" is an on-going action in the past. We don't know if it has finished or not now in the present. It is the past looking at its own present.

"I have seen" is a completed action now in the present. It is the present looking back at the past.


This is not quite correct. "I saw" is the English Simple Past. It refers to a completed action at a specific time in the past. "I've seen" is the English Present Perfect. It is an action that occurred in the past at an unknown time. It also emphasises that the past event impacts the present situation.


To guard ones dignity is better Engish than keeps her dignity. Not accepted?


Better English? I've heard of keeping dignity many more times than I've heard of guarding it.


I wrote 'she retained her dignity' wich is better English. Not accepted


You can "defend", "retain", "maintain", "restore", etc., your dignity, so I think you are right "keep" is not the same as "garde".


There are lots of ways to translate this. It rejected "i saw that even though ill she maintains her dignity". Reported 29 May 2018.


Why not she 'maintains' her dignity?


The word 'unwell' should be accepted as correct


Something is wrong with this page. Included in my choice of words was: intuition, sagesse, spirituel but ai, sa, dignité were not! I've had this happen before. Is there a bug in the system?

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