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One tree down, a forest to go :)

Finished the complete Duolingo German skill tree! Shouting out to the world about it. Overjoyed and excited :)

April 20, 2014



Excellent! So, which is next?


Hello, I'd like to congratulate you first. :) Could you please explain me, is it possible for you to continue learning and to continue making progress or this is it about your learning (German) with Duolingo? Thank you very much for your answer.


Ich gratuliere!


Congrats! Keep up with the good work! I just passed my first checkpoint and I'm currently working on the accusative pronouns. I also have a forest to go, but i'm making progress.


In my state, for every tree cut, two more must be planted. Keep the cutting (learning) up!


In my opinion there should be planted about 10 for every tree cut. Because, how long does every tree take to grow as the cut one was? and in the meanwhile, who knows if all of those trees you are planting will survive?


Congrats! Have 5 lingots!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch :) Ich hoffe, dass Ihnen ihre neuen Deutschfähigkeiten weiterhelfen werden ^^. Planen Sie eine neue Sprache zu lernen oder ihr Deutsch weiter zu verbessern?


Ich beabsichtige mein Deutsch noch weiter zu verbessern, weil ich meine Zertifikat Deutsch (als fremdsprache) Prüfung nächst bestehen möchte und Duolingo finde ich einfach toll um die nötigen Deutschkenntnisse aufzubauen.

(please do not shy away from correcting my mistakes. Thanks!)


actually that was quite good :) of course one can always improve ;) ",weil ich meine Deutschzertifikatsprüfung (als Fremdsprache) als nächstes bestehen möchte" / "Duolingo finde ich einfach toll, um ... (you missed a comma xD but don't worry, normally not many people care about that ... at least in chats or sms ^^ mentioned it anyway).

Kleine Frage: Haben Sie erst mit Duolingo angefangen Deutsch zu lernen oder besuchen Sie eine Abendschule bzw. nutzen Sie noch andere Möglichkeiten? Würde mich sehr interessieren :3 Ihr Deutsch scheint bereits ziemlich gut zu sein (schriftlich zumindest ^^ Ich habe bereits selbst bemerkt, dass sprechen noch mal was völlig anderes ist)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


how long did it take you?


Gratulation! :)


Gratulations! I want to obtain this level one day too but it's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock n roll) ;)


Well, don't be disheartened, as you're branching out a bit. ;)


I like the analogy!


Way to go! Keep it up.


Wohoo! And cheers to that amazing thread title :)


Congratulations. This is a huge achievement. What is next? How are you planning to continue improving your language? I am hoping to get there in a month or so. Congrats!!!

[deactivated user]



    Sehr gut! I am 75% or more done with my tree. I like Duolingo, but It's missing some grammar and various other things. So at the moment I am more focused on speaking to native speakers and mastering the grammar (which I think I've just about done!). P.S Duolingo is still an excellent resource!


    Great! Congrats.

    I am kind of stuck. I am constantly reviewing rather than learning new skills as I seen to forget the learned vocabulary!

    I see that you write large german sentences. It was all thanks to Duoling or are you having some other complementary learning classes?


    I am an old-school learner admiring the new technologies. I went to the evening courses for German. For listening I recommend checking out www.germanpod101.com, for writing - http://www.deutschakademie.de/online-deutschkurs


    Thanks! I'll have to look into those! ;)


    I am surprised nobody asked before but, are you fluent in german now ?


    Congratulations. Hard to see that forest for the trees...


    Started it awhile ago but decided to restart, near half way I think lol.. So which one is next?


    German -> English :)


    I honestly have to agree, English is not exactly a pretty language to learn or even to speak. It's so difficult that even English majors can have a hard time and have argued over proper spelling, grammar, etc. Kinda glad I'm getting out of English lol, but German is likely to not be my only other language to speak :p


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


    I'm so happy for you!!! ;-) I cant wait till I get there!


    Congratulations!! I am on my way! I am proud of you as a German learner! ;)


    so which tree is next on your to do list?


    Congratulations! :)


    I have just one question. I'm starting with Duolingo and would like to know what level you have when completing all the lessons. Please answer me.


    Juan, it think it is obvious by now that I only use Duolingo as a helping/secondary resource. As a person serious about the foreign language level I am preparing for the Zertifikat Deutsch and just naturally I researched available internet resources for languages. Duolingo is the best I've found so far! It gives a well defined structure and path to acquire the skills. And it certainly helps to brush up. It also gives you a great confidence boost and discipline. But yes, I learned the hard way too: reading all these grammar books and doing evening classes with Duolingo in my pocket as a daily vocabulary top-up for at least half a year. All the best with your language efforts!


    Wie lange hat es gedauert? Ich habe schön Deutsch in der Schule studieren und schätze, das ich um B1-B2 Niveau bin. Bei Duolingo ist jede Übung relativ leicht, aber es gibt so viel das es unmachtbar scheint. Jetzt habe ich 214 übrig. Wenn es drei Minuten pro Übung dauert, würde es noch 10 Studen, tippen so schnell wie möglich.


    Das ist toll! Ich gratuliere!


    Gut! Sehr Gut! Sehr Sehr Sehr Sehr Gut SauliusVei!


    congrats love the title


    congratulations :) which other trees are you planning to do? (the title is great!)


    Great job! Im still on level one...


    Congrats; what's next?


    Congratulations! A good reason to be overjoyed and excited. Perhaps you can clarify something for me. I am still confused as to what is meant by a "tree". Does that refer to the complete course, and the forest then to other languages?




    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Sehr beeindruckend! Gut gemacht!



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