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  5. "tughIjbe'!"


Translation:You all do not scare me!

March 31, 2018



"You do not scare me" would be an accurate translation, but is rejected. In other cases, wording that is explicitly second-person plural in the Klingon can be translated with English that isn't explicitly second-person plural. I appreciate that it's difficult to anticipate every possible correct translation, and that this is a work in progress. I'm getting used to the somewhat stilted English that an acceptable translation might require, for instance using a perfect tense rather than simple past tense where the Klingon uses the perfective aspect.


"You do not scare me" is one of the accepted answers; I'm not sure why it might have been rejected for you.

If this happens again, it would be helpful if you could make a screenshot, upload it somewhere and provide a link to the image.

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