"Vous mangez une baguette et elle mange la soupe."

Translation:You are eating a baguette and she is eating the soup.

March 31, 2018

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Am I the only one who thinks that the definite article for SOUP sounds unnatural? "She is eating soup" feels more intuitive. At any rate, I don't think that the definite article should be required here as it currently is


Je suis d'accord.


You would use 'the soup' if referring to a specific soup. So if someone asked if anyone was eating 'tomato soup', for example, you might reply with 'she is eating -the- soup' as you are talking about the -tomato- soup not just any soup.

Hope this helps ^-^


Most of the time it's just soup but it also depends on context, e.g. when ordering, I'll have the soup.


Please could someone explain to me why this is incorrect?

"You eat a baguette and she eats soup"


You need to put THE soup because thats what 'la' translates to. Although in English we don't usually say THE soup we need to right now since it seems you are talking about a specific soup.

Basically, if the French says 'le', 'la' or 'les' you need to say THE.

Hope this helped!


Really splitting hairs here Duolingo


I put 'you eat' and 'she eats' instead of eating


You don't say"the soup"in English


We say "what's in THE soup" , "what is THE soup of the day" , "THE soup is tasty" , "eat/drink THE soup or you will not be allowed out to play" , etc., etc., ...


Yes, my friend above it correct. It certainly is possible to use THE with mass/noncount nouns. It's the indefinite article A/AN that you usually do not use. (e.g. THE soup is tasty = ok.... A soup is tasty = not quite right)

However, in the case here, there is no reason to require the use of THE


I have been wring 'she eats the soup' as i often do but for this it is requesting 'eating' there is no difference in the sentence to others i have been correct in wring 'eat' when 'manges' is in use. Any suggestions as to why?


Why is this wrong?? You are eating the baguette and she eats the soup. Doesn't that make sense?


Eat vs are eating?


Do the French have our question,- does one eat or drink soup. Or is a question of the thickness of the soup?


Je mange une soupe mais je bois une bière. In the case of any kind of food french people use in their speech only the word 'manger'.


Feedback @ Duolingo: Particularly the spelling is difficult to understand in fast speed as in slow.


How do l go back to lesson

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