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"This party is great, we are having a lot of fun."

Translation:Cette fête est géniale, nous nous amusons beaucoup.

March 31, 2018



OK, this is WAY overdue. Thank you for providing a sentence that expresses an emotion that I need to be able to share with people. I mean that sincerely. A unit, several units, on how to express one's emotions would be very welcome. That said, I have to ask: is this the best way to say "we're having a lot of fun": "we are amusing ourselves a lot"? I know that literal translations are misleading, but I use it to get to another question I've never quite answered: how does one translate the English noun "fun"? Does "amusement" cover the full concept?


perhaps you may try nous eprouvons beaucoup de plaisir ..... literal translation into English: we experience a lot of fun ( pleasure)... but I do not know whether or not Duo will accept this. duo here wants the reflexive verb "amuser" in English: to amuse one self


although the sentences can be weird at times, it's not what the ssentence is , but the structure of how the sentence is laid out.


It is often said that there is no word for "fun" in French. But this one, amuser is pretty close. I think you'll get a lot out of this page:



Often the drop-down menu offers the words needed in the sentence. But not always. Here, se amuser is not available in the menu.


"This" expressed without "-ci"? Curious, elsewhere it has been mandatory.

Also, still hate this "nous nous amusons" construction. Are there alternative expressions?


Sorry, you'll have to get used to s'amuser or switch over to Italian.


why can't you use magnifique for great?


You could've used "superbe" :/


I used "super" and it was accepted.

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