"Je cuisine avec ma petite-fille."

Translation:I cook with my granddaughter.

March 31, 2018

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Why is "I cook with my small girl" not right?


what is the translation of: je cuisine?.... I thought.... it was present tense and would be translated into je cuisine... I cook... no... it is marked wrong...instead of it is: I am cooking... in French I am cooking should be correctly" je suis en train de cuisine.... but because the French do not have the same expression as in English... I am cooking... je cusine needs to be accepted in both ways... I cook as well as I am cooking for the correctness of the language.


yeah that should be correct, try reporting it, maybe theyll fix it


Don't get too excited about the sentence you see at the top of the page. It may be considered a good answer but there are other good answers also accepted. In the translation of the French present tense (since there is no present continuous tense in French), it is typically translated as either English Simple Present or Present Continuous. Sometimes Simple Present sounds more natural. At other times, Present Continuous sounds more natural. Unless there is a specific reason not to (such as EN stative verbs), both translations will always be accepted for any exercise.


I just love the ambiguity of this question! Fee fo fi fum….


I put "I'm cooking with my granddaughter." Why is that incorrect?


I thought that cuisiner required a direct object, and that "to cook" generally was "faire la cuisine"


How would you say: I cook with my small granddaughter? Je cuisine avec ma petite petite-fille ?

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