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"Weakest Words" introduces concepts not even touched on in the lessons

Why is the Weakest Words section introducing concepts and ideas that aren't introduced in the main lessons?

It's as though it is the most advanced part of the entire program and the one that is developed the most, whilst the lessons, the parts, whose name imply they should be teaching you things, are neglected to not actually teaching you anything.

March 31, 2018



I know what you mean, it does happen occasionally.


I don't know what you meant by "the Weakest Words section". Do you mean the Strengthen / Strengthen Skills / Practice feature?

However, I think the problem you mention with the lessons might disappear once your tree switches to the new Crown Levels system. This inbetween stage has probably existed in the background for many months and might be what created the issue you mentioned in the first place.


When you think about it, words you haven't learned yet will always be your weakest words.

So it kind of makes sense, right?


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