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"Being young, she has her whole life in front of her."

Translation:Étant jeune, elle a toute sa vie devant elle.

March 31, 2018



her whole life <> sa vie entière?


"devant soi" not correct? I'm figuring that it's herself, and not in front of someone else.


"soi" is dated and Duolingo doesn't teach it. Use "lui" or "elle" instead, which have the same meaning and are in current use.


Why is it "devant elle" and not "devant lui"? Can someone explain that?


Hello. I can answer. 'Elle' means both 'she' AND 'her'. You use lui and leur when you are replacing the phrase 'to him or her':

Je lui envoie une lettre -> I send her a letter OR I send him a letter

In that sentence, 'lui' replaces 'à elle', or 'à lui'. The french use 'à lui' only because 'à il' sounds terrible.

J'envoie une lettre à elle -> I send a letter to her.

J'envoie une lettre à lui -> I send a letter to him.

And of course, elle can also mean 'she':

She sends a letter ->Elle envoie une lettre.

I hope that helps! Lili


Anyone know how to get accents? I keep getting this wrong because of the accents even though I've loaded both language packs to my phone:(


On my phone, I have to use the space bar to switch language sets for a particular message or post. But I don't know where on the keyboard the accented letters are.


I suppose that my alternative, "toute la vie devant elle", would be understood, no?

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