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Underrated Anki Addon for getting sound to your practice sentences

Hi there, I feel Anki's a great addition to Duolingo and especially to Chinese with this great addon: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/839350950

I am thankful to the dev for the work he put in (still in development) so I felt the urge to have more people leave positive feedback for him :).

Regards, Dennis

March 31, 2018



Please explain what this is. I couldn't figure out from your description nor the description on the webpages what this would do for me.



Hi clemwang,

thanks for raising the question :). I use it mainly to get a feasible way to create cards that I want to learn:

I just have to type in a word or sentence (Windows pinyin keyboard) and then I'll get

a color coded writing to memorize the Chinese characters

an automatically created synthetic audio

preformatted cards that incorporate these two...

and more, I often put pictures in the cards and the layout still works

Cheers, Drinc


Download failed; 404 Anyway, the synthetic audio from Google is really poor quality. MacOS and Windows both have better quality voice synthesizers, but even they are NO substitute for a human being.


Hi WesGroleau,

the download works fine for me, please make sure to follow the instructions provided and use the supported version of Anki.

Thanks for sharing your opinion on the quality. I had a native speaker listen to it and of course the intonation isn't comparable to a natural voice but it has proven very useful to me to sharpen my grasp of the tones.

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