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"Suo padre va in un costume da ape."

Translation:His father goes in a bee costume.

March 22, 2013



the correct solution has " da ape " why wouldn't it be correct to contract this to " d'ape "?


I think you don't elide "da" before a word with a vowel because then you wouldn't be able to tell if it signified "da" or "di". In this case, the sentence would then be "His father goes in a bee's costume" if you contracted to "d'ape". I could totally be wrong here, but that's what I gather :-/


I agree, "di" can be elided (I couldn't find anything about elision of preposition "da").

"Suo padre va in un costume d'ape. (d' = di)" could also mean "His father goes in a costume made of a bee." :D because preposition "di" can be used to indicate what an object is made of. http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare157a.htm (#2)


It bothered me as well.. I googled it a bit and I must agree with Digitalpointer to some point. It looks like "di" can be shorten to "d'", but "da" can't be shorten to "d'".


i want to see this bee costume!


anybody else have a problem with the audio on this one? It's not the first time, and it's getting a little frustrating. 'ape' sounded pretty much like 'abbey', or 'dabby'


Did you report it? (I did.)


I did report it, and I know they don't want us to do both (report the problem and then comment on it too), but I was curious if I was the only one having trouble :). In slow audio mode, the 'un' often come out as 'una', another confusing and common problem. Ah well.


I've encountered several Italian sentences like that lately. Some where it sounds like two people at talking at once. Others with lots of static. Some, as you mention, where the slow audio appears to say something different. I hope Duo has an audio improvement project! :-)


I switched browsers recently, from Firefox to Safari, and the audio now seems much improved in Safari. So perhaps try another browser?


this is a truly great duolingo sentence: almost as good as 'which penguin in yours?'


is there a special meaning of "bee costume"? i cannot make sense ...


Or perhaps that character in the Simpsons...:)


Why "the costume of a bee" is wrong?


"costume of a bee" doesn't sound right to my ears (I'm a native English speaker). It is technically correct, it just sounds weird.


I do know this word but I put 'gorilla suit' instead :/

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